Bitboxland - The Debut (1.99USD)
Bitboxland is a platform and tool for audiovisual creation and performance. Each time we collaborate with a musician we love, and create an iPhone application with them.

Bitboxland debuts with our friend , a new-born space mission into the universe of sound. The application is a beatbox and VJ tool that creates juicy tunes and animations in a game-like interface. It's a unique and joyful audiovisual playground.

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Bitboxland starts with an empty world and some basic beats. Hit the clouds to unlock more objects and beats. You need to score over 500 to have the whole Bitboxland ready.


Tap on the objects to make sounds or turn on/off music loops. Drag the train left and right to scratch.


You can record up to 10 beat sequences and play back as a loop using the record and play buttons (at bottom right). The number indicates which program you're recording to.

Tap the play button and drag to the left to choose another program to record to.

Tap the record button and drag to the left to switch the record mode (Record Real-time / Record Bit-By-Bit).


Record Real-Time: Default

Record Bit-By-Bit: In this mode, time between each beat is not recorded. Tap the Empty button (underneath the Stop button) to add more time between two beats.

PLAY Mode: Tap the numbered boxes to play and stop the respective recorded programs.

EDIT Mode: Tap the numbered boxes to edit the respective beat sequences.
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